Hotel Römer - Garni
Ein Ziel, eine Leidenschaft



  • Our employees wear FFP2-certified masks. Where necessary, a plexiglass screen has been installed.

  • Please wear your own FFP2-certified mask in all public areas of the hotel (it may be removed at the table).
  • Please always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from people who are not members of your own household or with whom you do not share a room. This is required in all public areas of the hotel.
  • We request of you to wash/disinfect your hands on a regular basis.
  • In case of suspicion of possible infection with the coronavirus, we reserve the right to exclude you from being accommodated in our hotel (in case of showing covid-typical symptoms, having a positive covid-test within the last 14 days or any contact with a known infected person within the last 14 days) 



  • We kindly ask you to wait at the entrance, one of our staff will seat you at your table.

  • Please sanitize your hands before entering the breakfast area.
  • You will be assigned a time slot to have your breakfast in order to ensure hygiene safety.
  • At the table, you may remove your face mask.
  • Only persons oficially allowed to be in contact with each other are permitted to be seated at one table.
  • On the way to the table, from the table to the buffet and at the buffet, we ask you to wear your face mask.
  • At the buffet, please use the disposable gloves provided to ensure cutlery hygiene. 



  • In the entire facility, a strict hygiene and cleaning plan is followed, which is constantly adapted according to the current infection control regulations.
  • At the end of each room cleaning, the surfaces, light switches and door handles are disinfected.
  • We ask you to ventilate your room regularly. 

The hygiene measures are continuously adapted to the current official guidelines of the German Federal Government. Please note that changes may occur at short notice!